Lost and Found and Thankful

Lost and Found and Thankful

There is a God. Well…maybe just godly people.

My visit to La Placita Olvera (LPO) in Los Angeles and the Catholic Cathedral last week, although a great time, was spoiled by the loss of my wallet.

It was at the church that I noticed it missing but at the time, I assumed I had lost it at LPO. So we hurried back to LPO only to arrive five minutes too late; the security offices closed at 4pm. I hurried over to a store where I’d bought some candies for Danny and asked, but nothing was found.

I made a last ditch effort to see if there were any people in the security offices and luckily a worker was coming out and so I asked her about the lost and found offices and if they were still open. She said they were already closed but she was nice enough to ask a security guard still in the offices if they’d received lost items for the day. They had not.She offered to take me over to another office she thought may have received lost and found items, but it was closed too and with no workers to be found.

I’ve lost wallets before and remember being torn or really bummed. This time it was different. Yeah the $60 loss sucked but I knew that nothing in that wallet was beyond replacement. I’d taken the loss in stride and I felt good about it.

When I got home, I cancelled all my credit and debit cards and replacements were on their way. The only hassle was going to begetting my drivers license back and having to deal with the DMV to do so. And then there was the wait and the fee to pay and…blah, blah.

Back to work Monday morning.

At the office and settled in, back from vacation Monday morning, and as I routinely do, I checked my Facebook and Yahoo email. What is this? An email from the church? Hu?


This is cathedral security(213)680-xxxx here at Cathedral Of Our lady Of The Angels 555w Temple St. Los Angeles ca, 90012. We are happy to inform you that we have found your lost wallet. Please call the security desk (213)680-xxxx.

Hallelujah! On my way there, during my lunch hour, I was just thankful that I didn’t have to deal with the DMV. The money I had already written off and seriously did not expect it to be in the wallet when it was returned to me.

I get to the office and after a few test questions to verify that it was indeed me, Carlos Acosta, the one in the Drivers License photo, I was reunited with my wallet.

On purpose, I waited to get back to my car for the official inspection of the wallet…just because. Everything was there. It’d been gone through, of course, but everything was there. Credit cards, business cards, receipts, drivers license and yes, oh yes, the cash.

I was happy but not for the reasons one might expect. Yes, it was awesome, I admit, to have gotten my wallet back with all its contents intact just as I’d lost it, but my happiness was at the fact that wallet or not, I had remained centered. I didn’t lose sleep or mole over or endure a self-imposed time out or slaps to the hand with a ruler. Wallet or not, I was whole: complete.

I’m thankful for that “someone” who I’ll never meet, for returning my wallet intact. I wonder at the security guard at how when he tactfully rummaged through my wallet, had it crossed his mind to take the cash. I just wonder.

I don’t know. Maybe I passed God’s test. Or maybe it was the person who found the wallet and returned it, along with the security guard, that had been tested and passed with flying colors. I’m happy to think that I’ll never know….and I suspect, I won’t ever need to know…

My wallet was home and I’m thankful for godly people.

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