Juice without a Juicer? Possible? Bag it!

Juice without a Juicer? Possible? Bag it!

This post will not be about the awesome, wonderful, life changing, healing affects, weight loss experience nor the hundred other amazing benefits of Juicing with Vegetable and Fruits. I’ll share with you how juicing changed my life in another post.


Since starting my vegetarian quest and juicing routine I’ve learned a thing or two on the ways of juicing. When I first got hooked on juicing , I had a juicer I tried, I won’t’ mention the brand but the Jack LeLanne’s Power Juicer was horrible. Oops, did the name slip out?  This particular juicer, the only one I have tried, I’ll admit that, was difficult. It didn’t squeeze out sufficient juice, difficult to take apart and clean and was just not practical enough for my taste.

But because I was so motivated, I just started blending all my veggies and fruits in a blender with some water. I would then gulp it down, pulp and all. I did this for about 10 days and I still got all the benefits from the nutrients but my digestive system hated me. I just was not digesting fast enough and so drinking down the juice along with all the pulp had to stop.

Strainer time!

I started using a strainer and that worked out nicely. I poured my Vegetable, Fruit and water blend into a spaghetti strainer and used a spoon to press out all the awesome juice. Also used was a small bowl to push down into the strainer to get as much of the juice out. But here again, it was tough getting all the juice out. Clean up was easy but there had to be a better way.

Bag it!

I thought to use cheese cloth but that didn’t work…too flimsy. I knew I had to have a bag of sorts but at the time I had no idea that a bag like the one I needed was even made. So I started searching online and lo and behold, the answer to my prayers was found. A Nut Milk Bag.

Yes! A Nut Milk Bag is what you need if you don’t want to fork out big bucks to get a decent, practical juicer.

Here’s how it works. First I wash my hands thoroughly. Then I blend all my vegetables, fruits and water in a basic Oster blender (Oster brand is awesome by the way). I leave it blending for at least 4 minutes. Then I have a large bowl ready and while holding the nut milk bag over the bowl, I pour out into the bag all the contents of my blend. Using two hands, I hold tightly the top of the bag and squeeze down letting all the wonderful juices pour into the bowl. I work my hands down and then massage the pulp to get all the goodness out.  I work it down and massage and squeeze till all that is left is a mound of pulp. I then pour the juice in large drinking cup and enjoy nature’s best.

Nut milk bags can be found in local natural food stores or anywhere online. I bought mine from a local store but after doing a search online for Nut Milk Bags, they are sold everywhere. Mine cost about $12 and is 6X9. They come in all shapes and sizes: square, oval and V-shape. They are tough, durable and made out of a tightly woven nylon mesh. Oh, and easy to clean. (Rinse away all the pulp, place the bag in hot soapy water with a cupful of hydrogen peroxide. Leave for 15 min, rinse thoroughly and hang up to air dry)

There you go. Juicing without a juicer is possible. Thanks Nut Milk Bags!

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