Happy Birthday to me: I’m a 2 ½ month old Vegetarian

Happy Birthday to me: I’m a 2 ½ month old Vegetarian

It was on or around July 23rd of this year that I gave my life over to Vegetarianism. Is that too melodramatic? Yes, it may sound melodramatic but my short journey really has been nothing short of dramatic.

What prompted me to lead a vegetarian lifestyle and what was like literally a slap in the face was watching the documentary by Joe Cross – “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”

I wasn’t fat (well, too fat) not sick (well, not too sick) and I certainly wasn’t dead, but the documentary gave me a wake-up call.

Now I’m not going to preach here, you all know the state of your health and what you want out of your body but I will say this much: Meat, dairy, and all that fast food IS making us: fat, sick and speeding up that death bed visit.

As for my family, we didn’t eat that bad. Fact is, we had started having fresh vegetable shakes every morning and somewhat cut down on fast and prepackaged food. But in a way, that vegetable shakes and occasional salad, at least for me, was just a way to make the fact that I was really lying to myself, easier to swallow.

My diet consisted of meat, mostly chicken, lots of dairy, sugary breads and cereals and eating out at least twice a week. Oh and pizza, we love pizza. I understand now that this is what most people eat: normal like, right?

I didn’t check my cholesterol level before I started my vegetarian quest, wish I had, because I know it was not healthy. I’ve not checked it recently either but I suspect it is looking way good.

On or about July 23 I weighed in at about 220 lbs. Today I weigh 196 lbs and I feel like a million bucks. I’ve not seen this weight on me since, well since I was in the military: USMC baby. And so it feels really good. My next goal is 190. Uh oh!

I try and avoid the drama and the debates on diets. Fact is, there is a doctor out there that will side with you on whichever side you are on: Vegetarians vs. Meat eaters.  All I know is I now know truths about my body and how it should function that I may have been aware of before, but for some reason didn’t heed, until now.  All I know is that I feel better than ever and I want to stay this way for a long time.

Pass the broccoli, please. And watch for yourself….


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